Packed Weekend

This last weekend we took a mini trip but we packed it full of events. We took off Friday after Jim got home from work around noon and headed to Scottsdale. Have you ever gone car shopping in a fashion mall before? Well we hit the Scottsdale Fashion Square to check out Teslas. We looked over the cars on display, got our questions answered and scheduled a test drive for Sunday at 11 a.m. when we would be coming back through Phoenix on our way home.


After walking around this huge mall, we checked into the Sheraton Hotel downtown Phoenix for the night. We had a 6:30 reservation at the Compass Restaurant at the top of the Hyatt for dinner, a two (hot at 112 degrees) block walk away. We enjoy this restaurant especially for the view, but the food is delicious also. We took our time enjoying the scenery, wine and food.

The next morning after breakfast, we took off for the Scottsdale Cars & Coffee arriving there about 8 a.m. and already at 95 degrees. But did enjoy seeing some spectacular cars. We have heard that this Cars & Coffee draws many expensive cars, so thought we would check it out. There was a good turnout even with the heat, so in the winter months, the parking lot should be packed with some great cars.

With most the cars leaving before 9 a.m., we also took off for our next leg of our journey. We headed north to Cottonwood in the Verde Valley to do some wine tasting. We were a little early for wine tasting, so walked around old town Cottonwood for a while. After a few tastings in Cottonwood, we went north a little more to Page Springs and stopped at three wineries there. At Oak Creek Winery, we ordered a cheese plater which was quite tasty and definitely went well with the wines.

Mid afternoon, we continued north to Sedona, where we walked around downtown. Being 100 degrees in Sedona was not what we were expecting when we originally planned this trip, so we were limited on what we could do (I was not going out for a hike in that temp). Sedona has such beautiful scenery and was disappointed that we could not be up close and personal with the outdoors. Oh well, another time.


We stayed on the outskirts of Sedona for the night at The Courtyard by Marriott, which was ok but not great. We didn’t have much choice on where we stayed because we use points and only have limited selection in this area. But the mountain views make up for any lacking in the hotel.

After have a fine meal the night before, we decided a more casual atmosphere would fit us great. So read great reviews on Pisa Lisa which was only about 2 miles from our hotel. Ended up having a nice bottle of wine with a great pizza with great service in a layback style restaurant.

Sunday morning we went out for a walk early from our hotel. At 8 a.m. it was already 85 degrees, so only walked 2 miles, but did enjoy some pretty views.

We needed to get back to Scottsdale Fashion Square by 11 a.m. for our appointment with Tesla. We made it with 1 minute to spare. Luckily there were no delays on I17 (which there usually are). We got to drive a brand new P100D with the Ludicrous speed setting option. If you ever have a chance to drive one of these cars take advantage of it, they are “ludicrously” fast.


Did we or didn’t we????

We thoroughly enjoyed our fast weekend. Wish it was cooler, but all in all had a great time. Made it back home late afternoon and stayed inside where it was cool.


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