Labor Day

Jim took off work a day early for Labor Day weekend, so we headed up to the cool country Thursday afternoon, missing a good portion of a holiday weekend traffic. It was so nice being able to sit out on the porch in comfortable weather, not sweating in 95 degrees.

Friday morning started with our 4 mile walk around the neighborhood in a wonderful 60 degree temp enjoying the pine trees, clean air and wildflowers.


Of course we hit our yard work of picking up fallen pinecones, trimming bushes before we enjoyed (or frustrated) ourselves with a round of golf. We ended the day with a pleasant evening of wine and grilled hamburgers on the deck.

Saturday after our usual morning walk and yard work, we visited the local Lowes store to purchase some needed items, with a stop for lunch on the way home. Taking the day off from golf, we just had a pleasant afternoon watching football, then grilling a turkey breast for dinner. While sitting on the deck enjoying a football game, a visitor meandered through our yard.


Sunday brought cooler weather and a threat of thunderstorms. When we checked in for golf that afternoon the radar showed heavy rain coming in our direction, but we said it’s not going to happen, so we took off to the 1st tee. Due to the holiday, there were a lot of golfers out so we had a slow round, but we did not get any showers until the 18th hole. And even then it wasn’t much. Even though our golf games were lousy, we had a good day. (Any day is a good day in such beautiful country.)


After grilling a pork roast for dinner, it had cooled off enough that we retired to a cozy fireplace to finish off the evening.


To miss the holiday traffic going home, we headed out at 7am Monday morning to go back to the heat. Actually the traffic going home was quite pleasant. It’s 189 miles and takes from 3 hours to 3 1/2 hours depending on the traffic. It was so nice to experience cooler weather for a few days, a break from the 90s to 100s here in Tucson, but back to reality and work.

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