Baseball Trip

While Jim and I were enjoying our Friday evening on the patio with our glass of wine discussing what exciting experience we could come up with for the weekend, Jim came up with a trip to Phoenix for the Diamondbacks game. So jumped on StubHub for tickets, booked a room at our trusty Sheraton D/T Phoenix and off we were Sat. afternoon.

Before the start of the game we were searching out for some hot buttered popcorn and was standing in a long line to get said popcorn when the game started at 5:10pm. As you can see from this picture, the stadium was quite packed, it was hard to walk up around the concession stands.


Finally we were settled in for the game munching on our popcorn and beer to enjoy the game.

Actually it was a pretty good game (especially for baseball, not my favorite sport) with it tied throughout the game and came down to Atlanta winning in an extra inning. But sitting there for 3 1/2 hours was enough for us, so we didn’t stay for the extra inning. It was 2 years ago for our last game, which we enjoyed also. So 2 years from now I’ll post another game that we went to.

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