Construction Checkup Trip

Here we are filling up again!


We did another quick trip over to Indio last week to check up on the construction (we are almost done). We left the house at 3:30 a.m. on Thursday, got 2 miles down the road and I realized I forgot my iphone and watch, so made a uturn and headed back to the house. But we got to Indio a little after 10 a.m., so didn’t slow us down too much.

The place is looking good. Didn’t take pictures of the inside because there was stuff all over the place. But the outside came out quite nice. It will also look better with a much bigger vehicle parked on the lot!

They also tiled our dock for a much richer look. Here is the landscape/tiki torches/fire pit by the water next to the dock.


We’re looking forward to our first trip over there at Thanksgiving time. I’m sure there will still be things that need finishing up, but the majority of everything is done.

5 thoughts on “Construction Checkup Trip

  1. Jim And Mary Theda

    We got here at MCC a few days ago and really like how you did your buildout! Being next door it is really nice to look at! Ours still has a lot of finish work to do but the floors and the granite are going in today. Look forward to seeing you this weekend, Jim and Mary


    1. Thanks. I see that you had to park on your friends lot because Arnold was running a bit behind. Do you think your buildout will be done as predicted? Hopefully we will be there Friday late, but our coach is in the Cat shop with a fan motor leak, which they are trying to locate the parts needed. Hopefully they will find them today.


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