Turkey Overload?

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and yes, we will be having turkey overload by the end of tomorrow with eating all the turkey leftovers, but it’s so good until that saturation point hits.

We are enjoying our new casa in Indio. We arrived a day late due to mechanical difficulties Jim discovered on the RV Tues. We took the coach to the Cat. shop in Tucson on Wed. (14th) and they finally finished Friday (16th) at 4pm. Since we got a late start we decided to layover in Gila Bend overnight and start out first thing in the morning. We did enjoy a nice sunset driving West along I8.


We woke up Sat. morning to 47 degrees and no furnace. The 3 days the coach was at the Cat shop it was not plugged in, so it had lost all the power. Well that causes problems in an all electric coach. So we hurried up and got on the road to get the dash heater turned on. We would deal with the reset necessary to get the furnace working later.

Arrived at our lot in Indio mid morning to start enjoying our newly “finished” casa. We still had a list of things that needed attending to, but we are slowly getting everything completed. We got settled in then took off to do some errands and mainly to hit the local furniture store to purchase a few items. Of course the first night we needed to enjoy our patio fire while sipping on a glass (or two) of vino.

Let me give you a small tour of our casa.

We’ve been busy organizing, cleaning especially washing windows. I think we will be spending plenty of time exercising our arm muscle with all these glass doors!


But we have taken time to enjoy a couple of dinners at the restaurant (but it’s turkey from now on) and our evening boat rides with the beautiful sunsets.


The weather has been wonderful. Being able to keep warm in an enclosed structure is just wonderful. We don’t need to sit outside in the evenings trying to stay warm anymore – it’s all comforts of home from now on. But all good things must come to an end. Back to reality on Sunday.

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