Birthday Dinner

Jim surprised me with a dinner at Vivace Restaurant for my birthday yesterday. We pass by this restaurant all the time but have never tried it out. To let you know how busy this place was, he only could get reservations for 4:30, so off we went for an early dinner.


We started as always with a bottle of wine. We told the waitress what we were looking for and she came back with an Italian wine recommended by the bartender. It was really a good choice. The pesto they served with the bread was out of this world. I could of made a meal out of bread/pesto/wine, but we started with an antipasto, which was quite unique and good.

After filling up on the bread and antipasto, our meals arrived. Jim had linguine with chicken meatballs and I had linguine and salmon. Both were pretty good.

Of course being my birthday I splurged on tiramisu for dessert (even though we were quite full at this point), which was also excellent.


Our table was at the window so had a view of the city lights, the waitress was excellent and the food was quite good. I would definitely return for another evening of pure indulgence.

After a cool (55 degrees – yes that’s cold to us) walk to the parking lot we entered a cozy car at 76 degrees. Jim was so kind as to remind me to turn the heater on in the car while we were waiting for our bill for dinner. I forget that I have all these conveniences with the Tesla.

Well another birthday celebrated in fine style with good wine/food and atmosphere. Now I need to not eat for the next few days to make up for the calories I consumed!

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