Finally Warmer Weather

These pictures were taken last Friday 2/22 when it started snowing at our home in Tucson at about 9am and didn’t quit until late afternoon. Today we are sitting at our RV lot in Indio in 82 wonderful degree weather. But even in Tucson it is 75 degrees. It has been a cold, wet winter this year. We left our coach on our lot in Indio thinking we could make short trips over to have mini-breaks but its been so miserable in Indio with record breaking rain that this is our first trip since the end of the year.

After our 5 1/2 hour drive yesterday afternoon, we needed to sit back and chill.


This morning we started with cleaning the dust from every surface from the floors to light fixtures. We have the Newell mechanics working on some issues on the coach. Also our contractor is finishing up on some outstanding items he needed to take care of. And we hung my masterpiece that I painted for our new casa.

Now our winery theme is complete.

We will be enjoying 80 degrees for the next several days (if you can believe the weather forecasters). It’s so nice being outside again. Then head back to Tucson Sunday morning to some more wonderful weather (again if you can believe weather forecasters). Just a short trip to get some items completed.


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